Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NEW Nautic Lighting by Tekna

When I was in Belgium this April I had the pleasure of meeting with Erik Huysmans (pictured), Director and Designer for Tekna / Nautic Lighting.

Nautic presents a collection of authentic light fittings, made out of pure materials such as bronze, copper, cast iron and brass. They are inspired by the ancient forms of old trains and ships from a bygone age and yet at the same time are modified for contemporary aesthetics and use, employing genuine European craftsmanship.

Nautic's main objective is to be there without wanting to be seen, not to be pushy, but honest, not striking, but stylish. In short, as pure as the poetic sense of light.

We are proud to announce that Cotton Love has the Sydney exclusive for this amazing lighting range and our first shipment is in-store now.


  1. Hello Susan,
    I am so very glad I found your blog through Deborah of Boxwood Terrace!
    I visited your website and was very surprised! Your work is gorgeous! And your house could be featured in a Belgian interior design magazine! Congratulations! I love it! I noticed you are a stockist of one of my all times favorite brand Scapa! I do hope to meet you some day! The Flamant offices are only 5 minutes away of our home!
    I hope we keep in touch!